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The global energy transition puts added pressure on the Oil & Gas companies to adapt to the changing market dynamics.

We provide different tools and services for the Oil & Gas industry, supporting development of cleaner and more efficient products. We offer consultancy and advisory services to the energy sector helping energy companies adapt to various technology, policy, and market trends. Particularly, Oil & Gas companies comprise one of our largest clientele class for engineering & design services. We provide support on conceptual studies, technology selection, process engineering, and detailed design for process plants and plant components. Our support doesn’t stop at the planning and design phase. We complement our offerings by construction management and procurement services to ensure our clients are equipped with the right resources for efficient execution of their projects.

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    The Treantek consulting team offers advisory services to help our clients navigate through the fast-evolving scenes of energy and sustainability sectors.

    Our clients operate in some of the most complex industries globally. They face decision making challenges every day in technically demanding and rapidly changing industries, especially in the field of energy. Many economic areas in the world are now facing the impacts of global energy transition and higher environmentally sustainable standards. Companies are witnessing how these transitions unfold and are feeling the need to adapt to various technology, policy, and market trends. 

    Treantek experts have an advanced understanding of such critical topics especially as they apply to the energy sector. We help our clients assess the implications of energy transition and sustainability policies on their short-term and long-term strategies. Our approach is to work closely with our clients to comprehend their aspirations and bring in the right mix of consultancy expertise to accompany them on that journey. We help our clients set clear objectives, devise the most efficient plans, and execute on plans to ultimately deliver results.

    Our decades of experience in different energy sectors enable us to  offer value creation through an early identification of risks and opportunities. We  provide a true end-to-end consultancy service to address your commercial, technical and collaboration challenges.

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