Our vision is to create a more sustainable future world through innovation and optimization


Our Mission is to bring together the right people and resources to promote multi-faceted energy and sustainability reforms

Treantek Leaders'
Track Record




Our Approach

Offering an end-to-end solution

We support your energy and sustainability goals by providing the right tools as well as consulting and engineering services

Assess and Understand

Understanding the current state of your systems and operations is the first step of any transformation. We help you assess the performance, efficiency and environmental impact of your current equipment and operations.

Define and Strategize

We define the areas improvement in alignment with your optimization and/or sustainability aspirations. We ensure you have a clear roadmap in front of you for achieving your energy and environmental goals.

Optimize and Implement

Knowing your goals and objectives, we offer you optimization services, through equipment upgrade and process improvement. In addition, we help you implement the defined work plan by providing project management capabilities.

Monitor and Offset

Optimization is an ongoing process. We provide you monitoring tools to continually track your environmental impact. You can also integrate our offsetting tool into your sustainability practices to further reduce your environmental footprint.



Integrity is the core of our business. As individuals and collectively as a group, we are accountable for the quality and timeliness of the outcome of each task and engagement that we take on. We view our clients as our partners and take ownership over their goals and objectives. We remain committed to excellence enhanced by loyalty and honesty.



We approach every obstacle through a lens of innovation. Creative thinking is the building block of our practice and in realization of our vision, we incorporate the most cutting edge technology and innovative practices. We invest in research and thought leadership and continually seek higher efficiency by being at the forefront of scientific advancements.



We are committed to relentlessly push our individual and collective limits. We put our energy into making every day better than the day before and we support each other in our journey of growth. As a team, we pursue growth through empowering our teammates, investing in continuous learning and addition of like-minded and competent people to our network.